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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farmville Tips On Earning Farm Money

by Dewey Barlow

This is a Farmville Tips guide. In this guide I'm going to give you one or two tips on earning Farm Cash in Farmville. If you're brooding about purchasing stuff using your own money, read these tips first. If you're pondering enrolling for stuff, read these tips. If you would like to earn free farm money, continue reading these Farmville Tips.

Farmville Tips on Earning money #1 - Don't join Stuff

In Farmville, you have got a tab that announces make money. If you go to this tab, you will find that you can join different things to earn free cash and that's great. But wait... There is a catch. When you join up to that kind of thing, you need to read the fine print. I regularly visit the Farmville forums to stay recent on Farmville and just lately I ran across a post about a bloke who was enrolling for the stuff to get free money. He got a lot more than free cash. (Bless his Heart) he is going to get a nice cell telephone bill.

When he subscribed to these things, he later found out that he would be charged $9.99 a month on his cell phone bill. After he found out this, he tried to cancel and was told he could cancel after the first month. I think he signed up to like ten of these things. So, he's going to have an additional $100 tacked onto his telephone bill. So please, be cautious when trying to earn free money. The sad part is that he didn't even get his Farmville cash.

Farmville Tips on Earning cash #2 - Get Free cash by Leveling Up

If you really want to get something with cash and do not want to pay for it, save up. Each time you level up on Farmville, you will receive $1 in Farm money. If you are on a lower level, you can save your money and in the final analysis, buy something that you really want.

Farmville Tips on Earning money #3 - Paying Real cash for Farm cash

Paying real money for Farm money is just insane, for 2 reasons. One, there have been some reports that when people purchase this money, it never turns up in their account. Two, Farmville is in beta, it might go down at anytime and you could lose everything on your farm. Therefore, you would just be throwing your cash away buying this stuff. Some items like land expansions allows you to upgrade using coins or money. Yeah, it takes a lot of coins, but the coins are free.

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